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The International Journal of Applied Technology Research (IJATR), an academic journal in engineering and technology, was published by Bandung State Polytechnic, Indonesia. This OPEN ACCESS Journal aims to encourage and stimulate the exchange of discourse among professionals and academics worldwide on issues of applied technology research.

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Vol 4 No 1 (2023): April 2023

This issue has been available online since 1st April 2023 for the regular issue of April 2023. All articles in this issue (7 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 38 authors from 4 countries (Germany, Indonesia, Nigeria, and USA).


Published: 2023-04-01


Design of Hybrid Energy System for Railway Application (Case Study of People Mover System in Doha, Qatar)

Sri Nugroho, Luthfi Muhammad Mauludin, Togar Sirait, mujiman mujiman, Ahmad Sofyan, Toto Tohir
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 119

Page 1-7

Characterization Of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch and Coconut Shell for The Production of Fuel Briquettes

Gila Layindeh Manga, Adekunle Moshood Abioyec, Jibril Mohammed, Markus Markus
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 116

Page 8-16

Effect of Fermentation Time on the Production of Ambon Banana Weevil Waste Bioethanol

Herawati - Budiastuti, Salma Indana Zulfa, Nova Sihombing, haryadi haryadi, Emma Hermawati Muhari, Bambang Soeswanto, Endang Widiastuti, Pratap Pullammanappallil
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 116

Page 17-28

Effect of Process Variables and Zeolite Adsorbent in Coffee Bean Drying

Bambang Soeswanto, Ninik Lintang Edi Wahyuni, Ghusrina Prihandini, Yusuf Pratama, Taufik Akbar Firmansyah, Dewi Widyabudiningsih
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 101

Page 29-40

Effect of Fruit Ripening Level and Roasting Temperature on Robusta Coffee Bean Quality

Emma Hermawati Muhari, Rony Pasonang Sihombing, Yunus Tonapa Sarungu, Ari Marlina, Unung Leoanggraini, Tri Hariyadi
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 132

Page 41-52

Detection of Empty/Occupied States of Parking Slots in Multicamera system using Mask R-CNN Classifier

Hertog Nugroho, Ginanjar Suwasono Adi, Muhammad Khoer Afandi
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 112

Page 53 - 68

The Test Bench for Simulation Phase Fault and Ground Fault Analysis Protection Concept Using Symmetrical Components

Supriyanto Supriyanto, Heri Budi Utomo, Sunarto Sunarto, Siswoyo Siswoyo, Budi Setiadi
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 97

Page 69-83

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