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The International Journal of Applied Technology Research (IJATR), an academic journal in engineering and technology, was published by Bandung State Polytechnic, Indonesia. This OPEN ACCESS Journal aims to encourage and stimulate the exchange of discourse among professionals and academics worldwide on issues of applied technology research.

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Vol 5 No 1 (2024): Vol 5 No 1 (2024)

Published: 2024-02-05


Characterization of Banana Peel Corrosion Inhibitor by Vacuum Microwave Assisted Extraction (VMAE) Method in 2% HCl Environment

Jamarosliza binti Jamaluddin, Tifa Paramitha, Iva Najwa Salsabila, Angely Luviana, Muhammad Zikri Ramadhan, Angelina Putri, Alisya Nurbaits, Rony Pasonang Sihombing
Abstract 235 | PDF Downloads 156

Page 1-6

Limestone Industry on PM2.5 Air Quality in Padalarang and Surrounding Areas

Nani Yuningsih, Luga Martin Simbolon, Syarif Hidayat, Rachmad Imbang TRITJAHJONO, Husain Akbar Sumeru, Lukman Raji
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 7-17

Treatment and Handling of Hydraulic Shock Load of Urea Fertilizer Wastewater in Sequencing Batch Reactor

Herawati - Budiastuti, Annisa Nurazizah, Fitri Apriyanti, Robby Sudarman, Laily Isna Ramadhani, Pratap Pullammanappalil
Abstract 214 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 18-30

Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Changes in Glass Typeon the Cooling Load in a Building

Cecep Sunardi, Windy Hermawan Mitrakusuma, Didiet Tricahya Pradita, Sumeru Kasni, Shodiya Sulaimon
Abstract 190 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 31-42

Comparative Analysis of the Performance of the Thermal Pasteurization System Using Ohmic Heating Method with an Electric Heater on Mango Puree

yudhy kurniawan, Wardika Wardika, Ferry Sugara, Muhammad Idrus Alhamid, Ardiyansyah Ardiyansyah
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 81

Page 43-53

Effect of Solution Concentration and Anodizing Coating Time on Hardness and Thickness Coating Of 7075-O Aluminum Alloy

Tito Endramawan, Agus Sifa, Dedi Suwandi, Dudung Nana Permana, Mohammad Azwar Amat, Sukroni Sukroni, Felix Dionisius, Casiman Sukardi
Abstract 208 | PDF Downloads 89

Page 54-61

The Effect of Pineapple Crude Enzymes and Fermentation Time on The Decaffeination Process of Robusta Coffee

Tri Hariyadi, Tifa Paramitha, Dwi Irmawati, Salwa Ainaya Salsabila
Abstract 226 | PDF Downloads 142

Page 63-70

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