This issue has been available online since 1st April 2021 for the regular issue of April 2021. All articles in this issue (7 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 23 authors from 5 countries (Indonesia, Nigeria, , Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia).

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Published: 2021-04-01


Mathematical Modeling of Solar Photovoltaic Module to generate Maximum Power Using Matlab/Simulink

Amusat Ramoni Olawale, Sulaimon Shodiya, Yakubu H Ngadda
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 47 | DOI

Page 1 - 11

Application of Organic Inhibitors to the Corrosion of Materials AISI 1070 Steel

Destri Muliastri, Devi Eka Septiyani, Naufal Afif, Vania Tingting Sirenden, Januar Nur Rohmah Suprihartini
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 30 | DOI

Page 12 - 20

Green Corrosion Inhibitors to Head Off the Corrosion Rate of ST 37 Steels

Devi Eka Septiyani Arifin, Destri Muliastri, Rudi Rudiana, Fitri Nur Indah Sari
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 31 | DOI

Page 21 - 28

The Design and Implementation of Fan Chips as Cooling for Milling Process on Aluminum Alloy 5086 to Increase Tool Life

Agus Sifa, Dedi Suwandi, Tito Endramawan, Alam Aulia Rachman
Abstract 210 | PDF Downloads 111 | DOI

Page 29 - 42

Simulation Data Acquisition and Control for LNG Custody Transfer Based on ISO 8943

Muhammad Arman, Edi Wahyu Sri Mulyono, Muhamad Anda Falahuddin, Wirenda Sekar Ayu
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 23 | DOI

Page 58 - 65